Here at Contact Electrical, we want to ensure that all workplaces, whether commercial or industrial, use their energy in the most efficient way possible. Our Solar Power services will ensure this. Not only will you benefit the environment – but your savings will allow you to re-invest into other facets of your business.

To help you use your energy more efficiently, our technicians are trained in the most up to date methods of conserving energy and can provide you with an Energy Audit to identify areas that you could mitigate your energy consumption.

They can also assist you with any questions you may have about Energy Efficient Technology and easy to implement Energy Saving policies and systems. Interested? Make sure you call us now.

Solar Power

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Solar Installer

Contact Electrical Service is an accredited solar installer that can cater to all your solar requirements. We can supply and install a quality solar systems in your business or home.

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Battery Storage

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Tesla accredited training certificate

In association with our solar installations Contact Electrical are using the latest technologies in battery storage systems. Contact Electrical Service has worked in conjunction with Energy Queensland on their battery storage trial gaining excellent industry knowledge.

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The Trial

The trial consisted of three separate battery storage systems installed at the Energy Queensland training centre, the three systems on trial were Tesla, Sunverge and Redback. We have also carried out Tesla accredited training provided to our technicians by industry trainers.

Battery storage is the future of energy in your home and business and Contact Electrical can help you achieve this goal. Reduce your energy bills and become a part of the future now.


C32 Generator - Installed by Contact Electrical Service
C32 Generator - Installed by Contact Electrical Service

Over 12 years experience producing primary power

With over 12 years’ experience producing primary power, Contact Electrical is the logical choice of contractor for any organisation that requires Primary Power Production or Uninterruptible Power Supply. Contact Electrical has a team of generator technicians specialising in the following services:

Routine Generator Servicing
Load Bank Testing
Breakdown Assistance

If you would like to maximise the life and reliability of your power system, Contact Electrical is your number one contractor

Peace of mind for you power system?

We've got you covered

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